Swift Water Rescue


For many, Mountain Rescue and Swift Water Rescue seem a million miles apart.

However, since early 2010, increased localised flooding has meant that teams have been equipping themselves more and more to be able to have the ability to deploy locally and regionally, if called upon, to assist and rescue those subject to a flooding disaster.

NDSART currently have a team trained to the ‘MOD 3’ standard (SRT). Within the Team they’re around 8 SRTs and 5 ‘MOD 2’s, MOD 2 is a  qualification where members are trained to assist the SRTs around the water, but not in. They can rescue themselves, if they get into difficulty, but are not trained to perform rescues in the water, where they would be buoyant (floating). 

The MOD 1/2/3, and so on, standard means that teams all over the world train to the same standard. This results in greater efficiency and co-operation across services during emergency situations.