Moor Safety


Dartmoor is one of Britain’s most beautiful and remote areas, covering some 368 square miles. 

But it is renowned for its changeable weather conditions, and without sensible precautions it could catch you unaware. Even the most experienced walkers have been caught out by the weather, or overtaken by darkness or injury.

Never be embarrassed to cut your route short. If need be, turn back to safety.

Phone signal is patchy at the best of times. Do not rely on phone signal alone, for mapping or communications.

In an emergency, dial or text 999 and follow the instructions you are given. If you are told to stay where you are, do so.

Click through the following links to help plan your trip


Check the weather forecast and sunset times for specific the areas that you are going to


Texts require less signal than phone calls, so register your phone for emergencySMS before you go out on the moor.

Firing Times

Dartmoor has danger areas. Check the live firing times and do not enter a danger area when red range flags are visible.

Adventure Smart

Pack the right equipment and clothing, including plenty of water, a map, compass, torch and whistle. 


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