Members of the North Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team typically spend around 150 hours a year in training; specialist skills (like Swift Water Rescue) demand even more. There are the callouts, often at unsocial times, sometimes work is interrupted; they always require skill and stamina. Then there is fundraising. Without funds donated by the public there is no Search and Rescue Team. This is where our Supporters come in.

The North Dartmoor Search and Rescue Supporters Group takes some of the strain from the operational team members so they can concentrate on doing what they are trained for – helping lost or injured people. It’s not all rattling collecting tins, they help by running our stand at country fairs and events around the team’s area, and laying out and maintaining letterbox walks. They also help with the vast paperwork involved in obtaining grants and awards. Fundraising is their main activity, but they can also get involved in others. They are part of the local community who have given the team incredible support over the past fifty years. Under the supervision of the operational team members, they assist in safety road closures at community events such as carnivals.

They sometimes help by being (pretend) casualties during search and rescue exercises……and sometimes there’s cake!
Basic familiarity training is given on equipment so they can answer questions asked by the public at events and shows. Their clothing has reverse colours (blue rather than red) so there can be no confusion from the operational team members. 


Please note: this role will require a Disclosure Barring Service check (DBS check).