Search & Rescue


Each member brings their own attributes that help create this highly professional organisation.

The Team train weekly on a Tuesday night, and on occasional weekends. All members have regular training in rope work, casualty care, search techniques, water rescue, navigation, working with search dogs and communications. Within the team there are specialist teams that have an expertise in an aspect of search & rescue beyond that of the normal members.

Trainees undergo a period of 12-18 months after an initial probationary period. If their training is completed successfully they become full members. Trainee selection days take place once a year where they will be tested on their basic navigation skills before becoming a trainee. 

The team works with Police, Ambulance Service, Fire Service and HM Coastguard. This gives access to helicopters, extra 4×4 vehicles, dive teams etc. When the weather is good, it is sometimes possible to evacuate injured persons by helicopter or, use heat seeking cameras on helicopters to help find a missing person. The weather on Dartmoor sometimes makes this impossible and the only solution then is to use people and dogs. 

The team is entirely voluntary and receive no government funding. The Team relies on donations and grant funding, from business or organisations.