Search Management


NDSRT Search Managers attend a Mountain Rescue England & Wales detailed Search Management training course. Those who undergo this training are selected by the Team Management Committee and have years of experience as callout members of our Team.

The Search Manager has the overall responsibility for liaising with the police,  Ambulance and other agencies directly involved in an incident and coordinating the entire search activity and all the resources made available to them. They also have responsibility for the safety and welfare of the team members.

They will determine a strategy for the search and therefore the areas that need to be searched.  These areas will then be allocated as search tasks to the various search teams at their disposal.  This will involve the search manager giving each team leader a briefing of the Missing Person and the search task.

In the Control Vehicle there are a number of ICT systems to enable more efficient planning and management of operations. As well as radio communications there is a computer mapping system which allows us to mark up search areas and routes and also track the location of the team with GPS as they move through a search. We also have the capability to locate co-operative missing persons by the use of linking to their mobile phone.