Callout – Wednesday 3 April 2024
At 9:44 on Wednesday morning, the Team were called by Devon & Cornwall Police to reports of a 4 person team at the peat pass between Hangingstone Hill and Whitehorse Hill on Dartmoor, with one person being sick due to exhaustion and unable to continue.
NDSART initially deployed 3 members and Search Dog Jack by Landrover to Hangingstone Hill, where they then proceeded on foot to the location, to assess the group. A further 7 members were transported to Hangingstone, as support in case a stretcher or further equipment was required. On arrival at the reported location, 4 young adults were located and assessed by Casualty Carers.
The 4 had come to Okehampton via train and planned to walk to Ivybridge. As night fell on Tuesday evening, they opted to camp South of Hangingstone, after which the wind and rain intensified. Wednesday morning, the conditions did not improve and being physically exhausted and in poor visibility, they called for help.
After being assessed, changed into drier clothes, and given additional warm layers and food, they were walked off to the awaiting Landrovers.
All members were off the moor at 1 pm.
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