At 16:50, NDSART were called by South Western Ambulance Service Trust to locate and evacuate a Ten Tors team from a remote location on Dartmoor. One of the team members was suffering from a medical condition and could not walk any further.

We called on our sister team – Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team – Tavistock to support the callout on Dartmoor in deteriorating weather conditions and as darkness closed in.

A last known location was provided, which located the Ten Tors team South of Bleak House, around the southern flank of Amicombe Hill. One Hill party were taken North of the location at Great Links Tor, peat railway track and further three Hill parties deployed South from Willsworthy Range near Hare Tor.

Hill Parties located the team inside Deadfoot Lake, along Rattle Brook. A Team Doctor and Cas Carers examined the casualty and then packaged them into an insulated casualty bag for evacuation.

Due to the nature of the medical condition and the remote location, support from the CoastguardĀ helicopter at St Athens was requested. Unfortunately, after several attempts, they could not access the cas site due to low cloud.

So, the only extraction method was by stretcher. This was carried out over difficult terrain in driving rain and thick mist.

The remaining members of the Ten Tors team were escorted to Landrovers located on the track near Great Links Tor and returned via the peat railway track back to Control at the Fox and Hounds Inn.

The casualty and remaining members of the stretcher party were collected at the same location and returned to Control. An ambulance was waiting for the Landrovers arrivals, where the casualty was handed over to the care of Ambulance personnel at 00:50, Sunday morning.

We wish them a speedy recovery.

After which DART-Tavistock attended a second callout for a missing Ten Tors group. They were accompanied by DART-Plymouth overnight and the missing group was found safe and well at 08:00, Sunday morning.

Successful outcomes to multi joint-team deployments across Dartmoor.
Thank you to the Fox and Hounds Inn for the use of your car park.