NDSART were called by Devon and Cornwall Police at 01:37 to search around Throwleigh and Gidleigh Common for a high-risk female who had been missing since the previous evening and last sighted around 18:30.
Hill parties and search dog team were tasked with searching around the various Tors and tracks around the two commons. As dawn broke and visibility improved, the team were supported by sister teams: Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team – Ashburton, Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team – Tavistock and NPAS who searched from the skies as team members supported on the ground.
The missing female was located around 10:40 by NPAS and once located by members on the ground, a team Casualty Carer assessed the casualty and with the additional team members, stretchered the individual back to the road head and handed over to emergency services.
The team covered a large complex area over a 13-hour period, through the early hours of Tuesday morning and into the afternoon. All teams were stood down at 14:25. Before leaving, the teams were provided food and drinks by Rapid Relief Team UK. Who supports emergency services on longer operations, emergency and disaster relief. Thank you for your support.
Those who joined us at the weekend will recognise the new vehicle, as this was our new ICU’s first callout.