Incident Number : 013
Date: 27th May 2022
Location: Scorhill Farm
Callout Time: 1545
Agencies Involved: NDSART
7 Team Members – 2 hrs each




At around 1545, the team were called to search for a high risk missing person in the Crediton area.
Team members and team vehicles were just arriving on scene, around 1640, and were able to make contact with the police on the ground. When the team members, who had arrived, saw who they were looking for they recognised the missing person from their journeys driving to the RV site of the callout.
This is more common than you would think and eagle-eyed team members will spot the people they are searching for on the way to a callout.
As a result, a team member dispatched with a police officer and located the missing person along the road they had previously been spotted on.
A good ending to a quick callout!
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