Incident Number : 36
Date:16th November 2020
Location: Lydford
Callout Time: 18:13
21 Team Members
2 Landrovers
1 Control Van



At 18:13 the team were notified by Devon & Cornwall Police, of 2 overdue walkers on the moor in the Lydford area
We very quickly notified Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team – Tavistock, as the potential search area covered both of our ‘patches’.
The ‘mispers’ car was located at High Down, Lydford, but we had no indication of direction of travel, or any likely route. They had sent messages to a friend earlier in the day, but there was now communication with by mobile phone.
They had been out for several hours and the potential area was huge, so Tavistock searched to the south of the car park and we searched the north.
We had 21 members and tavistock had 27 members and a search dog.
A helicopter also assisted with the search, but was hampered with low cloud it searched the area’s it could access.
Our teams were deployed to search routes along routes of the area. At times searching in wind, rain and poor visibility.
At just before 23:00, a search dog team reported they had located the mispers at Amicombe Hill, cold and wet they were walked off to a Land Rover waiting at the end of the old railway track near Great Links Tor.
Everyone safely off the moor by 01:00