Incident Number : 26
Date:21st August 2020
Location: Steeperton Tor
Callout Time: 03:30
Agencies Involved: NDSART, 
8 Team Members – 4 hours
2 Landrovers
1 Control Van



Within 15 mins of being stooddown from callout 25. (03:47 21st August) The team was notified of a family in trouble whilst camping at Steeperton Tor overnight.
The team deployed again, travelling directly from Ashriegney to the nearest access point on the moor.
Due to the weather conditions, the rivers are running higher than normal for August.
Three members crossed Knack Mine Ford and headed up to the family on Steeperton Tor.
On arrival it became apparent that they had, had a bad night.
With the tent poles broken and the flysheet in tatters, they were damp but in good spirits.
After helping them to pack up the tent, we walked they back down to the river and helped them cross.
All off the moor by 7am, safe and well
The team has had a busy night and been operational for all night, hoping that the next 24 hours is quiet