After a hectic weekend with several multi agency call outs across the South West it is good to receive such positive feedback from Devon & Cornwall Police…
“I cannot over-emphasise our thanks to everyone of your members who have assisted us in the last few days. The need to have adaptable plans was clearly evident from the e mails as below. You will be aware that despite the police’s best efforts, very often real life gets in the way which means that your wonderful volunteers have to standby. It is very clear that they have done this this weekend as well as all of their active search skills.
SAR work is always there in the background. Your teams do an amazing job often without the fanfare that goes with some facets of our organisations.
However, your staff will know the importance of what they do……………………..saving lives…….pure-and-simple.
Can I please just ask you to disseminate this as you see fit. We in the police service are totally reliant upon you and your crews do amazing work; I would like to thank them for their efforts which are truly, truly appreciated.”