Incident Number : 15
Date: 31st May 2020
Location: Little Hound Tor
Callout Time: 14:30
Agencies Involved: NDSRT, 
11 Team Members – 3 hours
2 Landrovers
1 Control Van



On Sunday afternoon we were called out to assist a walker, who had slipped and fractured his wrist, nr Little Hound Tor.
The full team was called but only few members went out to the casualty to assist him. The rest stayed at Belstone, maintaining social distancing, incase they were needed.
This is an injury that can easily be sustained, but can be very painful.
A splint was applied to the wrist, before walking him back to the awaiting landrovers.
He was then taken back to Belstone and handed over to the awaiting ambulance.