Well the weather came as predicted and 2 callouts involving motorists stuck in snow.

The first came just before 6pm, with report of multiple vehicles stuck at Horns cross on the A39 nr Clovelly.
Considering the distance and the potential for other incidents nearer to home. It was decided to send 7 members and a landrover, from our team and a vehicle and a team from Exmoor Search & Rescue Team.
Whilst enroute the issue was resolved without our help, so the team was stood down from this incident and deployed straight to the second job of the evening.

At around 7pm, we had our second callout of the night. This time reports of motorist having difficulties on the A30 and the okehampton surrounding area.
As this came in, whilst the first callout was on going, we requested a couple of members and a landrover,, from Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team – Tavistock.
We conducted welfare checks of stationary motorists on the A30 and assisted in keeping the roads moving, where possible.
The team stood down at around midnight.

If your driving tomorrow morning, take extreme care.
The air temperature, when we stood down, was -2
The slush, that is on the roads will turn to ice, it will be extremely treacherous.
Ask yourself, do I Really need to travel, before driving.